Love is totality (swedish)

What if there are endless possibilities? Think about it – you are creating your own reality. What if it is your beliefs about the world that creates the shape of your reality?

What if your experience of love became more free with every preconception that let go of?

Breathe, breathe again, read slowly and sense the energy of the words.

Imagine if everything is love!

Imagine if we are love! Imagine if you become pure love when you stop judging yourself and other people, which would lead to unconditional love without a predetermined shape.

The shape of togetherness, the shape of limitation. What if togetherness is based on fear of losing something. What if love can never end. What if love gets grows the more love we are.

Love in its essence cannot be expressed in words. It’s here to be experienced. It is presence. It fills the heart and creates life. In the presence of love, everything becomes increasingly easy and obvious. In love, it is a given that you choose you first. In love’s presence two become one. In love, you become your best. In love, everything is allowed to exist, and you never separate you from yourself. In love, needs are met.

In love, you are alive. In love, you don’t want to be anywhere else than right there. In love, there is security. In love, there is total freedom, dependence, vulnerability and security. In love, there is perfection, totality and expansion. In love there is only life. In love, there is desire, joy, and total acceptance.

In love, you are true to yourself and honest with the other.

In love, willingness and intent are the key to durability. Love takes you into depth, into the sensation that you are a part of a larger whole. Love holds you when you fall into depth. Love exists in trust. Love is flowing beyond time and space.

The breath is the elixir of love.

In love there is me, you and us. Love is unconditional and endless possibilities. if this exists, you exist in love.

What preconceptions do you have about love? What preconceptions hold you back from being love?

Love is playful, dancing. In movement, we experience ourselves and each other. Alive in life , love expresses itself as movement between two souls in awareness and presence we can be love, nothing but love. Beyond words and preconceptions everything is simple. Where do you want to be?