You are the solution!

Our world craves sustainability. We need change. Sustainability is the next change in the development of humanity. Early last year I was introduced to a new practice of organization, Teal.

In order for you to get further insight in how it is to work in an oganization of Teal-structure, I will now give you three pointers:

  • You decide your own salary
  • You plan your own work-schedule
  • Regardless of you position in the organization, you are allowed to make the decisions you want to make.

How does this make you feel? What thoughts are running through your head? What are you feeling?

Do you believe that this is possible? Or are you thinking that I’m kidding?

This is real, indeed, and happening in our world at this very moment.

If this feels unlikely. What about it feels unlikely and why? If it feels fantastic and you’re wondering how to apply to this organization. Why is that? 

I have been part of inaugurating a couple of organizations into organizations of Teal-structure. As well as that I currently work in a couple of organizations under Teal-structure myself – it’s fantastic, fascinating and challenging.

When we speak about future, our main question should be; Who does the future belong to? And what do we need tomorrow? Starting with that question enables us to formulate answers. Answers that lead to new questions where both answers and questions lead to new solutions. Imagine if one of the solutions are to develop the selfleadership of the individual in the organisation?

If you want to read more about Teal-organization, then I recommend you the book “Reinventing organisations” from the Harvard-professor – Frederic Laloux.

Laloux claims that only one sixteenth of our full personal potential is shown in jobs old organizational structures without self-leadership, because this is the amount allowed under that structure. Which in turn means that we only deliver a sixteenth of our energy, passion and creativity. Under Teal-organizations there are clear structures, processes and tools to help develop individuals self-leadership within the organization. As a result you liberate full potential of the employees rather than having them at a sixteenth of the potential.

Do I have to underline that these Teal-organizations are lucrative not only in the human perspective but also economically?

Are you the type of leader that has the will and courage to understand that progress and change start and end with yourself? Are you ready to take yourself and your organization to a new level which you never believed possible?

Do you associate the word “leader” to yourself regardless of which roll you have in an organization? Because that is one of the magical keys that make the Teal-structure work, to see everyone in the organizations as a leader and a possible actor of change.

Envision that it is time to leave the philosophy that problems are for someone else to resolve. Envision that belonging to the future means that you have to take your own responsibility and understanding that you and I possess solutions that the world is screaming for.

What if we find solutions to problems in society as individuals rather than at an EU-,  Governmental or municipal level?

There are still many organizations that work under the structure they were introduced to during the time of industrialism. Standardized tasks, structures, decision-making processes, a strong hierarchy and a factory-like way of work.

Without room for individualism, questioning or voluntarism. We still today treat the development of students in the educational system like the line assembly production of the T-Ford. The one you could get in any color you wanted – as long as it was black! However, we’re are not all black T-Fords. We are all different shapes, colors and sizes.

So, why are we all stuffed in a factory producing T-Fords?

This makes no sense, especially when the labor-market expect colourful, creative, self-going, differently shaped special equipped unique individuals after graduating. Why not let every student start from their own individual resources and grow within that – without having to adapt their ability to a structure and way of learning that doesn’t develop them and is more likely holdning them back in creativity and self esteem?

Do we really learn what we are supposed to learn at school? In order to answer that question we might have to ask another question too. Which skill is most crucial to have in the future?

Our world needs an infinite amount of people that actually act on their ideas to create solutions to all endless problems in this world. This world needs more entrepreneurs, people that take their own responsibility and that are innovative, creative and problem solving.

The future winners are the people that develop a strong learning capability, being able to learn new things, learning about and for life. Where you’ve decided to consistently learn and at every obstacle pose yourself the question – What can i learn from this? And from the answers that you get, make the necessary changes needed in order to proceed towards the result you want.

The brain-professor Rolf Ekman explains it like this; When we’re frightened our brains release a stress-reaction in our bodies. This reaction leads to our brains going from being plastic, meaning in movement and with the ability to search for new thinking patterns and interconnections, to being static where the way of thinking stays unchanged and works the ways it’s used to. What happens when we are frightened is that the hubs in which, innovation, creativity and problem-solving is found closes down when fright hits the system. This means that the abilities that are seen as future competences by our future-analysts eg. Daniel H Pink and Fredrik Härén are wasted.

With this in mind, one thing we should learn in school should be to love our failures. As we stop judging ourselves by our mistakes we instead enable ourselves to experiment, try new things, fail, succeed & try again. The positive effects in loving our mistakes is that our capability in innovation, problem-solving and creativity is at a peak which lead to an endless supply of creating chime with other people. In an environment where we love failures there is no such thing as judging ourselves nor others which leads to a state of happiness within. This though, doesn’t mean that we’re not going to feel happiness, sadness, anger or fear when life comes at us. We will however be aware that these are only temporary states of mind that are expressed within ourselves when we’re affected by life but the level in us, regardless of the temporary state of mind, is an experience of happiness and inner peace.

Our world is in a rapid speed of change which means that a society of concept is growing at an equally fast pace.

This means that concepts are created with a starting-point in a problem that needs solving. When this problem is solved you proceed to the next concept that needs to be created for the next problem-solving. In an oganization full of individuals and with a developed self-leadership that comprise a strong learning identity you create a strong skill till fulfill the markets need which creates value and liquidity for the organization, individual, society and the world.

Finally, the question I want you the take with you is; Who do you want to be in the future?