Love is totality

What if there are endless possibilities? Think about it – you are creating your own reality. What if it is your beliefs about the world that creates the shape of your reality?

What if your experience of love became more free with every preconception that let go of?

Breathe, breathe again, read slowly and sense the energy of the words.

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Walking on the edge of the sky

About a year and three months ago, I found myself at Base Camp Mount Everest. A crazy, unique, serene, beautiful and totally limitless space. The entire trip was an act of love towards myself and my dreams. On the trek to and from to the ceiling of our planet, a question followed me: What is my contribution to life?I hiked hour after hour.

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What would happen if fear did not exist? This was one of the questions that she asked herself. It appeared obvious that fear is a breeding ground for judgement and prejudice. This conclusion reflected the dream of world peace in her beating heart.


Pamela von Sabljar

Faith is the first step towards acheiving your dreams. Decide to believe in yourself!

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