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Pamela works with a wide range of clients, where the common denominator is authentic self-leadership. Self leadership entails leading yourself in the direction in which you want your life to take. Developing your self-awareness, courage and self-management in order to grow, mature and develop in all areas of your life.


Her methodology, philosophy and personal approach is universal, and can be applied to a countless number of professions, industries and organisations. Here are a few examples of current cases.




Järvaskolan is a high school in Kista. The school’s vision is a world where all children get to go into a good and equal school that inspires boundless dreams and motivates higher studies.

Tågaborsskolan  is an elementary school in Helsingborg. The Tågaborsskolan strives to be the world’s best school and give the children a varied and inspired education.

A meeting place for progressive ideas and the people behind them. A place where freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads meet. They also offer programs for teams and individuals who want to change the stressful urban environment towards a more relaxed, nature and down to earth working environment.

Bättre skolors goal is to create and develop the School of the Future. It is an independent, entrepreneurial foundation with the purpose of exploring the future of learning and creating the school of the future on a scientific basis. A school that can meet the diversity and complexity that exists in today’s society and which can support each student in their development in a sustainable and healthy way.

MindClub is a community for mental training with the best tools, exercises and team feeling to strengthen your own and others’ leadership from the inside out. MindClub offers lectures, workshops and courses.

Growing minds is a meeting place for parents. Leading experts gather the latest knowledge, ideas and tools to make your children feel as good as possible and learn the best way.

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Notes for Peace is a recurring peace concert held in Sweden. It is a day event with workshops, speeches from guest speakers who actively work for a better world. The day ends with a concert with some of Sweden’s best artists.

Pamela is the founder of the leadership program Unfold Transformation, which offers leadership training and courses in advanced self-knowledge. Parallel to the courses, Pamela educates a team of leaders to continue the run and develop the leadership program with her.

Pamela is the founder of Nexters Leadership Initiative, which offers self-leadership camps for young people between the ages of 13 and 19. Parallel to the courses, Pamela trains a team of leaders to run the leadership program with her.

Dooify is a web community where members can exchange experiences, knowledge and help with each other by offering their time and taking a part of others time and knowledge. At Dooify, hours are used as currency and all services are valued equally. The project is seen as a way of promoting meetings between people, curiosity and learning.

It is a mentoring program in Serbia between seniors in business and juniors in the creative and social entrepreneurship sector. The vision of the mentor program is: Changing the society one conversation a time.

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Forza is a network for driven people with a passion for business and personal development. The network offered a platform where individuals can share knowledge, inspiration and new perspectives through gatherings with like-minded people.

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