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Who?  </br>Ignite Freedom

Ignite Freedom

Pamela von Sabljar is a global speaker, trainer and author. A powerhouse of curiosity, love and authenticity. Her passion is to awaken the passion, creativity and awareness that leads to freedom in all areas of life and to liberty in every human heart.

How?</br>Empowering Global Change Makers

Empowering Global Change Makers

Pamela speaks and trains people globally and is aimed at a broad audience. The core of her method is to step outside the conflict and examine the root of the behavior, in a climate of acceptance and non-judgment. She uses the techniques of advanced self-knowledge to communicate and inform the key to change, success and the development of a conscious self-leadership and understanding of others.

Why?</br>Passion Purpose - Peace

Passion Purpose - Peace

Pamela driven by a strong passion for creating sustainable, global change by developing self-leadership, authentic and holistic leadership among individuals, companies and organizations. Self Leadership is the art of lead yourself in the direction you want your life to take. How to develop your self-knowledge, your courage and your self to grow, mature and develop in all areas of your life. Passion breeding purpose, which in turn feeds peace. Individually and globally.




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Pamela has over 20 years experience of leadership, personal development and behavioural science. Throughout her career, she has worked with the business sector, public sector and private individuals, specialising in personal-, group- and organisational-development. She is the author of numerous books on self-development, gender equality and pedagogy as well as several childrens’ books.


Pamela is the founder of the leadership program Unfold Transformation, that offers advanced self-awareness courses and leadership training. She is also the founder of Nexters Leadership Initiative self-leadership camps for youths aged 13-30.



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